R. L. Wilson - Writer

R. L. Wilson - Writer

Dear Sergey:

Your film is the most important, revealing and finest ever done on Africa -
It is an authentic masterpiece.

You have documented, created and artistically presented a monumental history and drama - and given razor-sharp focus to a conservation crisis of international proportions.

"Ivory" deserves to be screened before the General Assembly of the United Nations.

I will do all humanly possible to help see that "Ivory" receives the comprehensive attention and market this prize-winning classic - truly a landmark - and a brave work of love and conscience - fully deserves.

It should also be screened in the White House where the focus has sadly taken attention from the true challenges -
And had made illegal historic art, antiques and hunting trophies collected decades ago. The resulting wrongful US and state laws and regulations are causing panic and the considerable loss of value to collectors and dealers of authentic artifacts, and has impacted museums as well.

Best from